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Welcome to the website of the International Science Committee of the AP Foundation.

Our committee rates international therapy providers on this website. We want to help you make the right choice for your health.


The AP Foundation is a federation of international scientists, physicians, biologists, specialist publishers and political scientists.

The rating for therapies and treatments is designed to help people make the right decision.


Together, we evaluate new and old treatment methods for their efficacy. We attach particular importance to the benefit for the patient. Many providers of treatments, therapies and cures unfortunately put the greatest value on the profit. Only very few providers of therapies and cures are independent of interest groups. We want to help sick people find the right treatment. We also want to prevent patients being misused by dubious therapy providers. We research very carefully and look at the providers exactly.


Many people have asked us what the letters A and P mean in our name. So here's the resolution. A and P is Anti Profit.

Unfortunately, there are many doctors, clinics, therapy centers, so-called healers and, of course, the pharmaceutical industry, which make a lucrative and profitable business with illness and hope. We are trying to reveal this type of business through our research. You can help us. Write us your experience with doctors, clinics, therapy centers and so on here. Of course, we are also very happy about good experiences. Your name and email address will not be published.



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