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Disease symptoms

Profits from diseases

By what symptoms is a person ill? Who decides when a person is sick? An industry decides this. The name of the industry is: Pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry even invents diseases. It's about profits. That is the whole secret. The pharmaceutical industry has standardized the blood pressure values, the people who differ from these blood pressure values receive pharmaceuticals (profits). The pharmaceutical industry has standardized the cholesterol values, the people who deviate from these cholesterol values receive pharmaceuticals (profits).

The pharmaceutical industry has decided that on every occasion antibiotics should be sold by the doctors (profits). The pharmaceutical industry trains the doctors intensively, so that chemotherapy is performed in healthy people. The doctors therefore make deliberate misdiagnosis (profits). The pharmaceutical industry provides the commissions for recommended pharmaceuticals.


You do not believe that? Unfortunately, however, it is the reality. Not only did we check that out, many more independent journalists have researched this.

Another example. There was a scandal in Germany, which was not brought to the public by the mainstream media. More than ten thousand women were amputated with at least one breast and then these women received chemotherapy. On each individual woman, the pharmaceutical industry has made profits of € 120,000.00. This amounts to € 1.2 billion. A good deal, is not it?

But all these things and others happen all over the world.


The nature has provided us with a fantastic system, which is called immune system. For the pharmaceutical industry, however, a healthy immune system is a curse. Therefore, this industry is trying to systematically destroy our immune system. Remember when you receive the next time a prescription from your doctor.


Cardiovascular disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, allergies, Parkinson's and so on. Why did not these diseases occur in earlier times? Why, however, are these diseases, in our time, becoming more and more? Right, because the immune system of man is becoming more and more destroyed. The Classical medicine will not solve this problem. Why? The classic medicine is the dealer of the pharmaceutical industry.


We try to find relatively independent treatment methods for you. Unfortunately, there are not very many doctors, clinics, therapy centers whose main interest is the well-being of man. Help us and many patients to find more serious doctors, clinics and therapy centers. Send us your experience here. But you can also report negative experiences.



The so-called Aesculap-rod staff know many people as a symbol that classical medicine uses.





But in modern times one often sees the so-called Hermes rod in connection with alleged medical providers. What does this Hermes rod mean?

The Hermes rod has its name from Hermes Trismegistos, the founder of hermetics known in Egypt as the god Thoth. The Hermes rod with its two winged snakes is a herald rod (caduceus). A caduceator was a herald, as did the Greek deity Hermes (Roman Mercury). Hermes was the patron of the merchants. The Hermes rod is now the professional symbol of the trade people. The rod is a symbol of power and the wings symbolize the wind of the merchant quickly leading to new trading markets. The two snakes symbolize wealth and power. Originally the snakes were the symbol for gold and silver. In ancient Greece, the Hermes rod was later taken over and used as a symbol of fertility. In the present time, the Hermes rod is mainly used by companies in the pharma sector and other profitable companies in this sector. Using this symbol, these companies show their cohesion and the same goals. One finds the Hermes rod, as a symbol, also often on websites of so-called alternative healers, which, however, are mainly interested in the health of their bank account.


The pharmaceutical industry, which is exclusively interested in profits and not to the people, sells pharmaceuticals that do not help. However, a parallel business has unfortunately developed. These are people or companies who have pretended to have found alternative treatment methods that help people. 99.9% of these miracle therapies and providers of miraculous are charlatans who are only interested in the money of the people. Very, very few scientists, therapy providers, doctors and so on, really work in the interests of the people. We try to find it for you. Some examples of so-called miracle pills and miracle methods that fill only the bank accounts of vendors, following here.


Vitamin overdose against cancer and other diseases.

Now some of these pseudo-scientists are of the opinion that one should override this natural system and give vitamin C by injection into the body. At first it is unnatural something to inject through the skin into our organism. This overdose of vitamin C in the blood is also very dangerous. As biologists we say the following: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can not store the human organism. If you consume more than 100 to a maximum of 200 ml daily (depending on the size of the human body) of vitamin C, the kidneys will excrete the surplus. This fact makes an overdose of vitamin C meaningless. It is also important to know that overdosing of vitamins, for a long time, can seriously harm the kidneys and the liver. Nevertheless, many of these cunning businessmen continue to claim that an overdose cures vitamin C cancer. It even publishes books and alleged studies about it. Unfortunately, these studies have no value.


The supporters of the over-dose claim that so-called free radicals are responsible for diseases such as cancer and others, and highly dosed vitamin C harms these free radicals. The tale of the harmful free radicals comes from the fifties. As the American biogerontologist Denham Harman argued that the highly reactive molecules promote the aging process by damaging the genome in the cells and thus affecting the functions of tissues and important organs. Although this has never been clearly demonstrated, millions are still trying to block the diabolic molecules with vitamin bombs. A whole armada of book authors and vitamin producers earns billions from this misconception. In 1994, a study came to a crushing result. An overview study from 2008 with various free-radical scavengers showed an increased death rate for the individual vitamins as well as their combinations. But how can that be? Finally, according to the idea, vitamins protect against these free radicals due to their chemical properties.

One possible reason why high doses of vitamins could also have a contrary effect is the immune system. The immune system kills cells with the help of free radicals that grow uncontrollably. If this natural weapon is removed from the organism, it can combat tumors worse. Free radicals are important in order to fight, for example, the mutagenic cells and to eliminate the cell waste from oxidized fats and proteins. Free radicals are an ancient biological factor that controls cell processes and various growth processes. If these control molecules are blocked by force, cell growth will suffer. Other negative phenomena: A study conducted by the Norwegian Sporthochschule in Oslo showed that highly dosed vitamin C and E hinder the performance increase after a training session. Think logically about overdosing vitamin C. Most diseases arise because man interferes with the natural system of the human organism. Now do you want to correct this disturbance by another unnatural intervention? We will tell you what you can correct with the bank account of providers of such dangerous measures. Do not be misused by such businessmen and profit vultures! Trustworthy therapies we have listed here.


Methadone for cancer?

The scientific findings collected by the working group of Molecular Biologist Friesen at the Institute for Legal Medicine of the University of Ulm relate exclusively to preclinical experiments with either cell cultures or animal experiments. The fact that experiments on cell cultures or animal experiments can not be automatically transferred to human patients is clear. A negative example is here called Contergan. In this animal experiment, the absolute safety of this substance in pregnant animals was demonstrated in animal experiments on pregnant rabbits and dogs. The subsequent serious consequences in humans are known.

Experts such as the Austrian Society for Hematology and Medical Oncology, the Austrian Pain Society and many others see the use of methadone in tumor therapy as more than critical and advise against it until scientific evidence is available.


With their own, genetically engineered immune cells defeat the cancer?

The cancer therapy with genetically modified immune cells is in the USA shortly before approval. Although not all cancer patients survive the severe side effects, this therapy is soon to be introduced in Europe. The costs are several hundred thousand EURO. Again just a lucrative business? We think so. CAR-T cells are a very high risk to the organism. Also healthy cell tissue is attacked and often threatens their overt activity the life of patients. The chances are therefore rather negative for the cancer patient. One can imagine it as follows. A group of wolves is positioned in a fenced area with 100 sheep. It is intended that the wolves kill only a single, marked sheep. The likelihood of wolves also killing the marked sheep is very large, but what damage have the wolves caused to all the other sheep? So a scout is necessary to prevent the wolves from killing the other sheep.

So a scout is necessary to prevent the wolves from killing the other sheep. However, this scout is not available for CAR-T cell therapy. In addition, no one can estimate what the once-used, gene-manipulated CAR-T cells will do in the organism. It is an unnatural intervention in the immune system. What happens if you pass these wolves to their children? However, unnatural interventions in the immune system are responsible for the so-called civilization diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and so on. The classic medicine should focus on the causes rather than the symptoms. That would be a real breakthrough. But then no more profits could be made and that is probably the actual ulcer in this system.